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friendsWhat is E-counselling?

E-motion provides counselling either by email or live chat with a counsellor so you can choose what kind of messaging will suit you best.

Email counselling

You can write as much, or as little as you like during the week, or at any time that suits you and the counsellor will respond to you on an agreed day.

The advantage of counselling by email is that you can have time to think about what you want to say and you can look back on both your own and your counsellor’s messages. It can be a great way to get things off your chest and vent in private with someone who can help you through the minefield of your emotions and support you to cope with things that are troubling you.

Live chat IM

We also offer live chat sessions where you meet your counsellor online once a week at an agreed time. It’s a live conversation with text instead of f2f with the advantage of having an immediate response from your counsellor instead of waiting a few days for a reply.

You can also just book a one-off live IM chat with your counsellor too. For more information just send an email to frankie@e-motionbh.org.uk

Who is it for

E-motion is for anyone who is 13 – 25 yrs old and living in the Brighton and Hove area and has access to a computer or smart phone.

E-motion is not a crises or emergency service, so we recommend that if you feel there is a serious risk to yourself or others, or you are in danger or experiencing an emergency you contact the following organisations.

Samaritans  for 24/7 support and someone to turn to, phone 08457 90 90 90

Sussex Mental Healthline 0300 5000 101 for support and info if you’re worried about your mental health Mon- Fri 5pm – 9pm, 24hrs on weekends and Bank Holidays

For emergency situations please contact, or visit the A&E Dept at the Royal Sussex Hospital Brighton, 01273 696955

Who are we?

We are qualified, experienced young people’s counsellors from the Young People’s Centre and the Youth Advice Centre who are trained in online counselling and work within the BACP ethical codes and guidelines.

How we work…..

We won’t be telling you what to do or giving advice as we aim to work together on your concerns, empowering you to help yourself to find better ways of managing your situation, finding your own solutions or making some changes. We will listen to you and provide a safe, supportive and confidential space where you can express your thoughts and feelings, and you can expect to be heard, understood and accepted without being judged. Whatever your reasons for getting in touch we’re happy to be there for you…And it costs absolutely nothing!

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