What is E-motion?

‘E-motion’ is an online counselling project for young people aged 13-25 years who live in Brighton and Hove. The project is the result of partnership work between the Young People’s Centre and the Youth Advice Centre, well-known and established providers of young people’s counselling services for many years.

Who are we?

Our counsellors are trained and experienced young people’s counsellors who have completed specialised online training and work under the guidelines and codes of ethics of the British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists.

How do I get in touch?

Send us an email at frankie@e-motionbh.org.uk and you will be invited to give some basic details about yourself.  We can then make sure online counselling is the right service for you.

How does it work?

We put you in touch with your own online counsellor who will support you by email. If another service is better for you we will help you make contact with them.

Once you have your counsellor they will explain how email counselling works and how you can work together on your concerns.

Why do people choose online counselling?

There are many reasons but here are some that young people have mentioned:

I didn’t have to get a lift to the appointment”……..”I could email when I wanted”….…

“I felt I had more control over things”….… “I found it helped reading back the replies”… “I didn’t have to explain where I was going”…..…”I didn’t want anyone to know I was getting counselling”…… “ I’m not sure if I would’ve opened up so much if I was sitting with someone there”…..”I wanted to try some counselling”… “ I just needed someone to talk to during the holidays when I couldn’t see my counsellor”

What sort of things can I talk about ?

You are welcome to tell us about anything that bothers you, especially if your life feels a bit of a struggle at the moment and you would like some support, help and encouragement. Or it could be that you’d just like someone to talk to about things that you might be finding difficult f2f or tell to someone else for various reasons. Some people have talked to us about problems with boyfriends or girlfriends, families or friends, schools, teachers , issues with identity, bullying, sexuality, gender,  sex, cultural issues, eating problems, bereavement, mental health, or feelings of anger, sadness, loneliness, loss, depression and anxiety etc. Anything really, as just getting things off your chest can be really helpful.

What if I feel suicidal or am in a crises and need immediate help?

E-motion is not a crises service but we can hear your concerns and help you to get in touch with someone else who can help provide you with more immediate or appropriate support.

What if I don’t want to give you my personal details or my name?

To get some online counselling at E-motion we ask you for some information about yourself on our forms before you can go on to start your counselling. This is so that we can know a little more about you and your concerns and work out how we can best help and support you online. They also help us to make the service better and to secure funding for the project.

Although we appreciate that some of you might not feel comfortable about giving us your personal details we do everything we can to keep your personal information safe and do not pass them onto anyone else without your permission. Please read the Confidentiality and Privacy pages for more details or feel free to ask  frankie@e-motionbh.org.uk

Are you going to tell anyone else what I say?

What you say to your counsellor is confidential and we do not share anything with any other person or organisation.  The only time we may need to speak to someone else is when we believe that you, or someone else that you tell us about, may be at risk of serious harm, but your counsellor will always talk their concerns through with you first. Please see the Confidentiality page for more details .

How safe are my emails with my counsellor?

All your emails are password protected, only your counsellor will read them in a private counselling space where no-one else can see them and we delete them from the computer after counselling has ended. If you need help you to keep your emails safe and private your end too, please see the Technology page and Keeping Safe for more details on how to do this.

What if I can’t use passwords to protect my counselling emails?

No worries if you can’t use passwords on your computer or phone as we can send you info on how to use other ways of protecting your counselling emails. Please see the Technology Page for more details on or email frankie@e-motionbh.org.uk

What if I can’t get to use a computer every week?

Sometimes it may be difficult for you to use a computer on a weekly basis but this is ok, you just need to talk to your counsellor about how you can work together.

If you use a computer that is shared with other people, you must protect your emails by passwords or another safe mail system to keep them private between yourself and your counsellor. See the Keeping Safe and Technology Page or email frankie@e-motion.org.uk

If it is not possible to keep your counselling emails private then it may be better to arrange to see a young people’s counsellor f2f at the Youth Advice Service or The Young People’s Centre.

What happens if my computer or internet crashes and I can’t get in touch with my counsellor to send or receive an email?

This is why we ask you for your phone number and we give you ours so that we can text or phone instead.

Can I just have a one off session with a counsellor or ask for advice or information?

You are welcome to email Frankie for information or a one off session if you just want to check something out with a counsellor or ask a question.

How many times can I email my counsellor?

You can send as many emails to your counsellor as you like during the week, however, the counsellor will only respond to you once a week on a day that is agreed at the start of counselling.

Who do I talk to if I am not happy with the service I have received from E-motion or want to give the service some feedback of how the counselling was for me?

We hope you will complete the feedback form that is sent to you at the end of your counselling so that you can let us know about your experience of online counselling with E-motion. ALL your comments will be greatly appreciated and are helpful to us, whether positive or negative, as we are always striving to make the service better for everyone.

However, if you have any feedback or suggestions about the service, in the first instance, email us at frankie@e-motionbh.org.uk as things can often be worked out early on. If you have complaints to make about the service you can contact The Wellbeing Service at bics.brighton-and-hove-wellbeing@nhs.net

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